Houston, April 17, 2007: Come to my automated testing presentation – level 300

If you will be in Houston on Tuesday, come participate in my presentation. http://www.hal-pc.org/CsharpSIG/


April 2007 Meeting

Date April 17, 2007
Time 7:00 PM
Location HAL-PC Headquarters

4543 Post Oak Place
, Suite 200, Houston, Texas
Topic The Benefits of Developer Testing
Speaker Jeffrey Palermo
Meeting Details This month's speaker is Jeffrey Palermo. Jeffrey is an independent
software consultant with special skills in Scrum, XP, and .NET. He runs
the Austin .NET User Group and is the South Texas INETA Membership
Mentor. He enjoys spending time with his wife Liana, riding his
motorcycle and country dancing. He is a member of Journey Bible
Fellowship where he helps with the youth group ministry. Jeffrey is an
Eagle Scount and graduated from Texas A&M University. He recently
served in the Army in Iraq during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Topic abstract: Developer testing
includes unit testing, integration testing, and acceptance testing.
Jeffrey will present how to test software in an automated way and how
to design code to be testable. He will provide a special focus on
testing ASP.NET and using mock objects.

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