What would I do without an automated refactoring tool? – level 200

Today, I made a commit to Subversion that encompassed over 200 code files.  What was the change?  I moved a delegate from sharing a code file with a class to be in its own file and put it in another namespace.  Pretty harmless change, but so much code uses this very common delegate.  As you know, I'm using Resharper, so here are my keystrokes:

  • F6 to "move" the Type.
  • TAB
  • down arrow (to move delegate to new file).
  • F6 (to move to new namespace)
  • {type in new namespace}
  • . . . wait 10 seconds for Resharper to make appropriate changes to "using" statements in over 200 code file.
  • CTRL+SHIFT+S (save all)
  • CTRL+SHIFT+B (compile)

I run my automated build (with 1450+ test), and check in.

I remember back to when I didn't use a refactoring tool.  You know what I would have done?  I wouldn't have made the change.  The overhead would have been too great.  I would have left the misplaced delegate definition.

Please.  Do yourself a favor.  Don't develop with POVS (plain old Visual Studio).  Use a coding add-in.  Use Resharper.  Use CodeRush/Refactor.  Use JustCode!  Use something!