Vote for my Tech Ed 2007 Birds of a Feather sessions – level 100

It’s time to vote for Tech Ed BoFs.  Go here to vote.

My submitted BoFs are as follows.  Please vote for them.

  • Techniques for writing less code (frameworks, libraries, and tools)
  • Join C# MVP Jeffrey Palermo for a lively discussion on frameworks, libraries, and tools that enhance productivity by reducing the amount of code required to deliver the same functionality in a program. The list is not a closed list. Attendees are expected to share success/horror stories about the frameworks, libraries, and tools they’ve used. Come quickly find out the secrets they won’t teach you in training courses.

  • Agile development with .Net
  • Agile development methodologies are gaining more and more traction in the software industry. Join Jeffrey Palermo and many others for this popular BOF that has attracted 70+ attendees in past Tech Eds. We’ll discuss basic principles of Agile development including people over process and delivering working software at the beginning of a project, not just at the end. We’ll share common successes and challenges from all the attendees, so bring your story.