Configuring Subversion (SVN) on Windows – level 200

I just finished configuring my team’s Subversion server, and
I’ve learned quite a few things in the process. 
On past teams, someone else gravitated to svn admin duties, so I didn’t


My subversion server is running Windows 2003 server.  Setting up subversion initially is a piece of
cake, and the
comes with an installer for Windows.  At that point, you can expose the repository
to the network via a URN share.  You can
use file://server/repository to
access it.  This doesn’t require a daemon
running to keep track of the source code. 
You can give folks NTFS permission to the share.  I prefer, however, to manage users through
subversion by using svnserve.exe.  This
is an executable, so I chose to use svsservice.exe to install it
as a Windows service that would automatically start up with the server.


I have everything set up with the svn:// protocol, and each
person with access to the repository gets commit emails now.  Commit emails are very important in a team
environment because each team member is responsible for the well-being of the
code, so everyone needs to know what is being changed.


I want to publicly
thank some people who have saved me some time. 
Steve Donie and James Higgs have both posted about setting up subversion
on Windows, and reading those posts has saved me some time.



James Higgs’

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