No Fluff Just Stuff comes to Austin – level 000

This past weekend, the NFJS conference came to Austin, TX,
and I’m glad it did.  Folks involved with
a user group of some type got a good discount, so we spread the word.  This conference focuses on Java, Ruby, and
Agility.  I was able to meet some great
folks (list names).

Saturday night I went to the speakers party at Bruce Tate’s
house, and it was a great time.  Scott
commented that Ted Neward looked like Jesus with his hair wet playing
with the kids in the swimming pool.  I
enjoyed talking with David Hussman about how to drive efficient software
development into organizations.  David
consults for companies and helps them improve their development practices.

No Fluff Just Stuff is a small, local conference that has a
better attendee to speaker ratio that other conferences, which have thousands of
attendees.  This conference has about 250

I’m going to post some more about the sessions I attended.