Tech Ed 2006 Digital Photo Foldershare – Contribute your pictures – level 100

I’ve started a Tech Ed Foldershare for digital pictures.  Check
out if you don’t know how it works.  I’ve started
it off with some pictures of Party with Palermo.  I’ll make
everyone interested a contributor.

The end result of this is that for everyone who participates, we’ll all
get each others’ pictures.  Whatever pictures you contribute will
be passed around to all who sync up.

To get started, send me your email address, and I’ll invite you to the photo share. 

You can email me through my blog, and
I’ll send you a personal invite.  This can be really cool if we
have a handful of contributors.  This will also work if you just
want to get all the pictures but don’t have any to contribute. 
The main repository is on my personal server, so it’s online all the

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