VS 2003 web projects model now available in VS 2005 – level 200

One of the biggest criticizms of VS 2005 was the radical change in the way web applications had to be set up.  From the folks doing more simple websites, this change was welcome, but the folks doing complex web applications, this change caused a bit of trouble.  It’s clear that some folks like the new way, and some folks like the way VS 2003 handled it (minus the mandatory control declarations).

Scott Guthrie has just announced the release of the Web Application Projects add-in for VS 2005 that brings the VS 2003 model to Whidbey.  It’s a simple install for VS 2005, and the project type is immediately available.   I’ll be installing and using it shortly, so I’ll be back with a personal review.

The word is that this will be included in VS 2005 SP1 as well.