How to design a single method – level 200

What?  I know how to design a single method!  What can
Jeffrey Palerm possibly have to tell me about how to design a single

Take a look at your product’s code base.  Are any of the following true?:

    * You have a method that you can’t view without scrolling.
    * You have a method that takes 10 arguments.
* You have a method that not only returns a result but causes
disastrous things to happen if called more than once.
    * You have a method that throws exceptions if you don’t set certain properties first.
    * You have a method that has 5 nested foreach/if/try-catch code blocks.
    * You have a method whose name doesn’t give you a clue as to what it does.
    * You have a method that will not throw an exception because it swallows the exception without handling it.

could go on and on (ok, actually I’m out of ideas right now), but
chances are that you can find a method that meets one of the criteria
above.  Find one of those methods, and fix it.  Here are
general rules I try to live by when designing a single method:

    * The name of the method should describe what the method actually does.
    * A method should do one and only one thing.
* A method should either DO something or RETURN something.  If it
returns something, you should be able to call the method over and over
with no negative consequences.
    * The method
should be viewable without scrolling.  Fewer than 10 lines of code
is desirable (my pain point).
    * The method should
take few arguments.  If the method needs more, refactor to require
and object that contains all the information required (parameter
    * The method depends only on method parameters or members passed into the class constructor.
    * A method should only have one indented code block – don’t nest code blocks.  Extract method first.
* Don’t try/catch in a method unless you can handle the exception or
add value.  Let the exception bubble up to a point where you can
actually do something about the exception.

If you have any good points for method development, please feel free to leave a comment.