INETA speaker Miguel Castro at ADNUG tonight – level 000

Miguel Castro will be talking about custom web controls tonight at the Austin .Net User Group.  If you’ve heard his .Net Rocks show or watched his DNR TV episode1 and episode2, you know that it’ll be a great talk for those wanted to create their own custom controls.

Miguel came into town (Austin, TX) Saturday night, and I spent Sunday showing him around the area.  It’s beautiful hill country, and he was amazed that while driving past houses, complete strangers would smile and wave.  The greater Austin area is so much more than just the city of Austin.  I would say that the city is the smallest part.  The surrounding area is really the draw.  I live two towns away in Leander, TX, and it still only takes me 30 minutes to get in to Austin to work. 

One of the things that amazed Miguel most is that here in Texas, our Wal-marts have gun departments. 🙂