Resharper 2.0 build 215 is much better than 214. It may be worth the risk – level 200

I tried out Resharper 2.0 build
214 (alpha), and it wasn’t stable enough for me to work.  There
were the known hanging problems every time you turned around, and I had
to uninstall it.

I’ve just installed build 215, and it appears that a lot of the bugs have been fixed.  I still use Resharper 1.5 with VS 2003, but with my VS 2005 projects, I missed the quick shortcuts for refactoring and code generation, so I’m risking the alpha.

I’m not uninstalling this one.  215 is “good enough” right now to
boost my productivity.  2.0 has NUnit test-running capability
through a UI widget, but I find that I still prefer the crude text
output of TestDriven.Net.

Bottom line:  If you are very used to Resharper 1.5, and you are
working with VS 2005, give build 215 a shot.  It’s working for
me.  P.S.  Remember to turn off VS intellisense.