I’m booked for Tech Ed. Fly in Saturday morning for “Party with Palermo” 2006 – level 100

It’s done.  I’m booked for Tech Ed 2006.  I attended Tech Ed 2005 where I threw a pre-conference party dubbed “Party with Palermo”, and I’m doing it again this year.  Last year we held it at the Peabody restaurant the day before the conference started.  I haven’t determined this year’s location yet, but it will be the evening before the conference starts (Saturday), so plan now to attend and fly in at least by Saturday morning.  I’m arriving in Boston at 1PM on Saturday, and I’m staying at the Hilton Boston Logan:

Hilton Boston Logan

85 Terminal Road

Boston, MA 02128

Phone: (617) 568-6700

Fax: (617) 568-6800

This hotel is $145/night with the Microsoft rate, so it’s the closest/cheapest combination I went with.  I’d love to know who’s booked at this hotel as well.

If you will be at Tech Ed and would like to help plan Party with Palermo 2006, let me know.  I’ll have an RSVP as the date draws near so that we will know how many people to expect.
Go to the Tech Ed site to see hotels and rates. . . and book at the Hilton Boston Logan. πŸ™‚

If you haven’t been to Tech Ed, I’d highly recommend it as a chance for some 1st-rate developer (and IT pro) training.  Other benefits are huge as well.  I personally love the chances to network with other people in the industry around the country and around the world.  I met so many great people last year, and Party with Palermo served as a great ice-breaker for introductions.  Even if your employer won’t pay for it, I recommend paying for it yourself.  I consider it an investment in my career.