Resharper 2.0 alpha has many interesting new features – level 200

You can try out the Resharper 2.0 alpha for Visual Studio 2003 or 2005.  I tried it out for Visual Studio 2005.  Immediately, some cool new features jumped out at me. 

  • Resharper runs NUnit tests for you right from the code.  It includes a graphics window similar to the NUnit gui.

  • Many new refactories with context-sensitive offering.  One common one is to breat a variable declaration from the constructor.

I tried it out for about an hour, and then I uninstalled it.  It is an alpha, and I did experience some of the known issues which include hangs at several places:

  • Adding new class to project.

  • Opening a solution.

  • Saving a file.

  • Compiling

These known issues are published on the download site.  After all, it’s an alpha, but when it performs as snappily as Resharper 1.5, it’ll be a great productivity tool.

For the time being, I’m evaluating another refactoring tool called JustCode!.  It has similar features to the other tools in the space, and I’m giving it a shot.  I recognize that I have a bias because I’m already familiar with the Resharper shortcut keys, but JustCode! is nicely filling in the gaps of the VS 2005 refactorings.