Mike Roberts integrates FitNesse with CruiseControl.Net and Subversion – level 300

A while back, I posted about how my team integrated and versioned our FitNesse wiki with CruiseControl.Net and Subversion.  Mike Roberts found it helpful for creating a similar solution for his team.  He’s shared his experience on his blog.  Hopefully others will find it useful.

For those who don’t know about FitNesse (or Google), Fit is a framework
for creating system-level acceptance tests using Excel worksheets or
Html tables.  FitNesse is a wiki that provides a UI to Fit for
maintaining the acceptance test tables in a hierarchical wiki

My team uses FitNesse tables to allow testers and product managers to
exercise our entire system (or entire subsystems) through their
tables.  This is far more flexible than the application’s UI, and
it allows for more exploratory testing.

The greatest strength of FitNesse acceptance tests is that they are
executable requirements.  When all the acceptance tests pass, we
know we are done.  If a bug surfaces, we write an acceptance test
to describe the bug and we keep it in a large suite that become strong
regression tests.  There is no mistake about the difference in a
bug an a missed requirement as well.  If it doesn’t have an
acceptance test, then it isn’t a requirement. 

Finally, if you’d like to learn more, here’s a great google search.