Charlie Poole, lead developer of NUnit, had some interesting things to say – level 100

It’s an old interview, but timeless tips.  Roy Osherove interviews Charlie Poole, who is the lead deverloper of the NUnit testing framework.  This was a very interesting interview.  Some points that stood out in my mind were:

  • The next version of NUnit will be 2.4 in order to skip 2.3 so that version collisions won’t happen with the version released with Test-Driven.Net

  • When describing development methods to management, there’s no reason to “ask permission” to refactor.  Just like you wouldn’t ask permission to use a particular type of exception handling, you are responsible for deliverables, so just use the best practices you know.

  • Charlie recommends phasing developers into TDD.  He says that first get them to write automated tests, then unit tests, then introduce driving development with these tests.  Each of these are big jumps by themselves.

I’d recommend a listen if you have time – I listen in the gym while working out.