Palermo .Net Scripter utility replaces CSScripter by offering full support for C#, VB.Net and JScript.Net command-line scripting – level 200

Earlier, I posted my C# Scripter command-line utility.  I only have a need to script C#, so that’s all the capability I added initially, but there was some interest in scripting VB.Net, so I refactored and enhanced my scripter, and I’ve renamed it “netscripter.exe”.  No need to install it.  Just drop it in your tools directory and use it against any file with .Net code in it.  It now supports C#, VB.Net, and JScript.Net.  It’s switches on the file extension, so name your script files .cs, .vb, and .js respectively.  The script file must be compilable into a console app to be compatible, and that’s very simple to do.  With the download, I’ve included a sample script file for each of the languages. You can use those as references.  I’m not sure what features can be added to this simple tool beyond what is there, but I’m open for suggestions.  Just in the last few days, this tool has saved my team a _ton_ of time with mechanical task that are just a little to complicated for shell files, but simple to do with .Net.

You can download the new NetScripter here.

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