How to download MSDN webcasts and listen on your MP3 player – level 100

For a while, MSDN Live Meeting webcasts had to be captured manually by something like NetTransport 2.  Now, Microsoft is offering a .wmv file download for offline viewing.  Personally, I get more out of the audio, and I can listen on the way to/from work as well as while at the gym.  My wife laughs about how “nerdy” I am because I have headphones at the gym while working out, and while folks think I”m listening to some motivating heavy metal, I’m listening to new and cool ways to use the .Net Framework!

I use Windows Media Encoder 9 to get pull out the audio stream and create a .wma file that can be listened to with any portable audio player.  I use 1.25% time compression to shorten the time it takes to listen to the content.   It makes the speaker talk faster, but it’s still good.  It can take out long pauses as well.