EZWeb 1.2 release 3 now available!! Go download!!!!

EZWeb 1.2 release 3 is now available for download on GotDotNet.  I’ve enhanced slightly the included templates, and I enabled support for multiple independent websites inside the same hosted instance of EZWeb.  That means that a single hosting account can support an unlimited number of websites, and they will all appear independent from one another.

If you are using one of the previous versions of EZWeb, you should upgrade to release 3.  As always, if you find EZWeb useful, blog about it or tell your friends, and please give me feedback.  EZWeb is ideal for any type of informational website such as User Group websites or family websites.  It supports file and image uploads as well.

You can see the demo site at www.palermofamily.com

At the very least, download it and try it out on your own box.  It’s the simplest web app you’ll ever use.  Follow the instructions in the ReadMe.