EZWeb 1.2 release 2 available for download – level 000

I’ve made a second release of version 1.2 on GotDotNet.  The reason for this is a bug in the configuration of FreeTextBox as well as simplification for hosting deployments.  GoDaddy has custom permission support for subfolders, but they don’t allow custom permissions inside the aspnet_client directory, so I’ve modified the configuration so that writeable files are in a new directory, EZWebFiles, and this plays better with GoDaddy.  I can only assume that some others might not like to grant change access to aspnet_client. 

The binaries haven’t changed, just the configuration has.

You can download it here.  I’m almost done with the EZWeb sandbox site, so in a bit, you all will be able to go to the sandbox and play.  I’ll be using this site as well to compile some FAQs and the beginnings of documentation.  After all, EZWeb allows the editing of content very simply!

If you’ve downloaded EZWeb and are using it for a community or personal site, put the word out.  Let everyone know how easy EZWeb is for getting a website up and running.