Dvorak and web standards (oxymoron – mostly moron) – level 100

Most people who keep up with the computer industry know about John
a writer for PC Magazine.  He rants about Microsoft.  He’s
way out there in left field on
most things.  He loves Linux, thought (but I’m puzzled why he
still uses Windows).  He’s definitely in the camp of Microsoft –
bad, Linux
(and all the underdogs) – good.  At the end of this post is some
of his past columns
with the most recent on top.  You’ll notice how many times he
complains about Microsft.

I had to laugh today when I came upon his blog, and
he had a link on the left that said “Valid XHTML”.  It’s a link to
the w3c markup validator.  The funny thing is that when you click
it, the W3C tells you that it’s NOT valid markup (307 errors).

This blog uses Community Server, and I’ve made it know that CS doesn’t
generate valid markup (no Doctype to start with) I don’t pretend this
blog is valid markup.  I encourage Telligent to refactor Community Server so that it renders valid markup.