Living in the most unwired city in the world (ok, Texas) – level 000

Intel has name Austin, TX the 3rd most unwired city in the U.S.  Whenever I am out and about and have a few hours to kill, I pop open my laptop and do some .Net work.  I always have projects going.  A new project that’s about to start up is a distributed open-source project for the Austin .Net User Group at   I have a Subversion repository for source code, and we’ll accept code patches from anyone who wants to submit them.  We haven’t defined the project yet, so we’ll see how it goes.  I have no problem finding a location that offers free wireless internet.  Many businesses have added it to their signs, so it’s easy to spot.  And Schlotzky’s is the old stand-by with free wifi at every location.

Some different surveys have slightly different results.  Here are some:

Being a developer, I’m glad that it’s easy to get connected.  I take my laptop with me wherever I go now.  I can take advantage of development time even when I’m waiting my Firestone to change the oil in my truck, and when I just can’t find the Wifi, I use the FutureDial USB cable for my Sprint phone to get on the Net through my mobile phone.