Work with me on cool software – now hiring! – level 000

I’ve joined another company (, and my team needs more developers.  The company is a small start-up (25 people) that’s been in operation for 2 years.  The main applications are ASP.NET and services.  It’s an administaff company with really good benefits and good salaries.  We need more people who can start within the month and immediately work on an application.  We need senior people (no coaching required).  The company is at 7th and Brazos in downtown Austin.


When I say senior, I mean senior (and will be compensated accordingly).  If hired, you’d be working on the same projects I’m working on.


Knowledge of TDD is a huge plus.


If interested, please email me through my blog at  We need several people to start within a month, so expect a reply immediately.  That’s just enough time for a successful interview and to give your current company professional notice.