Tech Ed 2005 day (-3)

I have arrived in Orlando, and I’m at my room at the Peabody – room 2426 on the 24th floor overlooking the pool, the West side convention center as well as Disney world and Universal studios.  I picked up my rental car, and I would have rented a Harley for the day, but it’s raining like crazy right now.  I got 6 more takers for the Party with Palermo today, so our numbers are getting pretty close to 30.  How big does a geek dinner have to get before it becomes several smaller geek dinners?

I brought my souped-up laptop with 12 hours of battery, so even without outlets, I should be able to last all day, but I hope I’m not on it all day.  I also brought 1000 business cards in case I meet that many people.  If I did, then it would still be less than 10% of the attendance. 

I look forward to meeting everyone.  Here’s a picture of the view from my room.  It’s rainy.