Tech Ed 2005 Day (-2) evening

The Party with Palermo was a great success.  There were 29 people who made it for the geek dinner portion, and we had _tons_ of people show up at the bar and stay until past midnight.  Here are some of the people who made it (and wrote legibly on my notepad):

We also had quite a turn-out at the bar later this evening.  Here are some of the people who made it to the bar:

We had a great time!  At the bar, I started out talking with Michael Palermo about our web content management systems.  Both of us have developed one from scratch, so we compared the approaches.  Around 1AM, Don Smith, Carl Franklin, and I went out for a bit of breakfast, and then we called it a night!  The Palermo After Party is already in the planning stages for Friday evening.  Stay tuned for the details.