Tech Ed 2005 Day 2 – Data Access for Business Objects with NHibernate

Scott Bellware gave a BoF on NHibernate, and while BoF’s aren’t supposed to have media, Scott was able to plug in his laptop and show some NHibernate configuration files and consuming code.  Most in the audience were skeptical about O-R mappers to begin with, and some made objections.  One guy complained that his devs came from a procedural background and don’t know OO that well, so NHibernate doesn’t work for them.  He said it as if that was somebody else’s problem.  I told him that if his devs don’t know OO, then that’s a bigger problem, and everything else is irrelevent. 

I’ve tried out NHibernate, and I intend to incorporate it at some point in my EZWeb CMS.

Caleb Jenkins from INETA helped out with the BoF.