Taking suggestions for the Pre-Tech Ed party on Saturday before the conference – level 000

Ok, I’ve gotten a great response from others arriving at Tech Ed early, so this party should be a lot of fun.  I have some ideas myself, but I’d like to take suggestions (from those who plan on attending) on the following items:

  1. What time it should start

  2. Where I should book it

  3. What activities to include

  4. What restaurant to include (because we must certainly kick off the week with a geek dinner!)

Here’s one idea.  If everyone can get a class M license before June, we can all rent Harley’s from EagleRider’s in Orlando. 🙂  I had a Fat Boy for a day back in 2001, and Orlando is a pretty nice town to ride through.

That was a joke, but now that I think about it, I’m actually arriving the evening of the 3rd (Friday), so if any other bikers are as well, then maybe we can get our rentals and have a Pre-Pre-Tech Ed Party Biker Run.