Senior .Net/C# Devs needed at Dell – level 000

I’m looking for experienced .Net/C# developers to work on Dell’s call-center application for the sales force.  The more business experience the better.  These positions are for very senior developers with a lot of high-level business knowledge.  I can connect you directly with the hiring manager if you email me at jeffrey_palermo (AT) dell (DOT) com with a resume.  Or use my contact page here on my blog.

This is full time salary + benefits in Round Rock, TX.  Believe it or not, there is a shortage around here of good senior developers.  If not, we’re having a hard time finding them.  If you’re good, then we want you now (in the next month).  These positions are not entry level or intermediate.  Looking for level 300-400 developers only.

If you’d like the HR job description (which I never like),  go to and search for job “050004MM”.  This is a sample Req.  The application is the Windows Smart Client desktop app that the sales people use to manager customers, issue quotes and take orders for call in orders and our large customers.  Basically all orders that don’t come in over the web.  It’s currently rolled out to about 8000 salesmen.  The software uses the IDD (Integrated Dell Desktop) application framework that MS did a case study about: