An extra tip to make you a better ASP.NET developer – level 200

I’d like to add an extra tip to make you a better ASP.NET developer:

  • Don’t use the designer for anything more than the most trivial control-placement tasks.  The designers are geared toward RAD development.  That rhyms with “BAD”.  If you get v1 of software out with RAD, each subsequent version will be worse and worse maintenace-wise.  For those who’ve felt the pain, you agree with me.  For those newer to development, RAD seems great.  Drag and drop, and call the database from code-behind. . .and it works.  Don’t take my word for it.  Do some self-study.

  • One more tip:  Study material BESIDES MSDN material.  MSDN sells RAD, after all.  .Net 2.0 – do the same thing with 70% less code!! 


8 Tips to make you better ASP.NET developer

A nice list of tips, plus links to other good resources.