Thanks to those in the community from whom I’ve learned – level 000

I have to take some time and formally thank those in the .Net community who
have helped me achieve MCSD either by direct learning or by their webcasts,
articles, or blog posts.

  • Noah Coad (MS) – The release manager for VSTS
    Dev & Test tools.  Noah and I went to college together at Texas A&M University and have been good
    friend since.  He has done some amazing stuff in his life with software, and
    I’ve learned a great deal from him.  He is excited about software, and it’s
  • Mike Hnatt – Mike is a good
    friend, and an old professor of mine from Texas A&M.  He makes a living by
    selling custom software to manage fairs and consulting.  He’s an inspiration as
  • Mark Dunn, Carl Franklin, Rory Blyth (.Net Rocks) – My education
    in .Net really began in January of 2003.  I had poked around with it when it
    first came out, but in January, I really got serious with it.  The trouble came
    when in Feb 2003, I was deployed with my Army Reserve unit to Iraq.  I purchased
    a Dell laptop over there, and I began reading blogs, articles, and anything .Net
    I could get my hands on.  This included .Net Rocks, which debuted while I was
    over there.  I synchronized as much content as possible while connected to the
    Net, and I digested it all offline.  I have learned a ton from .Net Rocks.  I
    even had an opportunity to call in to the show from Kuwait.  Thanks guys.
  • Steve Hickman – Hired me for my first programming job.  I programmed web
    apps for him using IDC/HTX.  This is where it all got started.
  • Scott Mitchell – So many
    articles.  I’ve learned a great deal from them.  I especially enjoyed the series
    on Data
    that came out while I was overseas.
  • Scott Bellware (C# MVP) –
    Scott is a part of the local Austin, TX .Net User
    and is big into TDD.  I’m just getting started in TDD, and he’s been a
    great help here.
  • Rockford Lhotka – Rocky doesn’t
    know me too well, but his articles on SOA and OO are awesome.  He spoke at our
    user group once, and it blew my mind.  If you ever get to hear Rocky speak, take
    advantage of it.  Also, it’s not very often that I run across another developer
    bigger than me (I’m 6’3″, 275lbs) (Rocky is a rock!)
  • Jeffrey
    – The first .Net book I ever read was Mr. Richter’s Applied
    Microsoft .Net Framework Programming book.  It was like drinking from a fire
    hose.  I’m better off for it, though.  The detail about garbage collection has
    enabled me to debug memory problems in my code.  I had the pleasure of meeting
    Mr. Richter and the whole Wintellect crew when they came to Austin
    last month.
  • Paul Wilson – Specifically,
    his master pages controls taught me a lot about the ASP.NET control hierarchies
    and the page life cycle.  I dove in and extended his controls and have published
    my own set here.
  • Brad Abrams (MS) – I’m sure we’ve
    all learned from him in some form, but I thoroughly enjoyed his MSDN TV and .Net
    Show appearances.  Brad recently visited our User Group, and I had the opportunity to converse
    with him over BBQ!

Thank you all for sharing your knowledge.