My newly renovated desk at work – 3 displays – level 000

Honestly, my CRT was starting to give me eye strain.  I’m a hardcore developer, and I decline meetings whenever possible.  I routinely type code at my computer 7-8 hours per day.  I have two LCD monitors now, and my screens are SO much clearer.  No refresh rate, just crystal clear pixels.

Here’s my desk.  I run off of a Lattitude D600 laptop (P-m 1.8/1GB RAM) with Windows Server 2003.  I have VS.Net 2003 and 2005 Beta 1 (they work great together).  And once you can run your app on one screen, debug it on another, and keep NUnit/Outlook on the other, you’ll never go back.  I’m already thinking of how I can work in a 4th display.  For laptops, it’s difficult because you actually need another video adapter.  I ordered the VTBook.