Highlights from my previous 199 ramblings – level 100 – 400

I started out reading blogs in early 2004 while in Iraq.  In March, I started
a blog at blogspot (and with a
little ‘customization’ of the stylesheet, I got it to redirect to my blog at
.Net junkies).  On April 16th, I transfered my initial posts to .Net junkies. 

One of the drawbacks of blogs is that old posts get buried even though the
information may continue to be relavent.  Here, I’ll review some topics:

I’m not sure how many regular readers I have (that isn’t my goal), but I
figured that on average, my blog website gets 430 hits per day.  Google is
responsible for most of them by matching up searches with content on my blog. 
Then another 500 RSS hits for most blog posts.


Looking back on my blog, it really is a journal of my coding experiences, and
I can see how far I’ve progressed.