Stay away from job postings like this! – level 000

I came across this on a message board, and I just HAD to blog it:

Requirements(.Net Developer position):
*2 yrs exp programming in .NET.
*Exp with C# and VB.NET required.
*Experience with ActiveX DLL, EXE, and OCX programming required.
*Experience and knowledge with Windows 32 API.
*5 yrs exp with Structured Query Language including custom coded SQL logic.
*Strong understanding of database normalization.
*Experience with n-tier design including logical and physical model implementation.
*Experience in creating, changing, and collecting data using custom defined business objects.
*Prefer exp in Web and Palm development .
*Understanding of third party reporting tools (e.g. TxText Control, Crystal Reports).
*Understanding of object oriented principles and methodologies
*Experience using source control and change management procedures.
*Understanding of Microsoft Windows Installer (MSI) and creation of custom installation packages.
*Thorough understanding of data access techniques
*Must have strong attention to detail
*Must have experience working in a team environment and be able to interface with management and internal customers
* Prefer Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or Engineering. Minimum requirement is Associates degree or equivalent from two year college or technical school in Computer Information Systems or Programming Certification.

Pay Rate:  up to $29/hour


#1 and 2 seem reasonable, and I meet that.  OCX programming???  I’ve NEVER done that.  By the way, is this .Net developer position going to require daily OCX programming??  Give me a break?  n-tier design:  This candidate must have experience implementing both logical AND physical designs.  Well, I’m disqualified because I’ve never implemented a logical design.  Then there is Palm development.  Never done that. . .and then who can understand Crystal Reports (I mean REALLY understand it?). 

Then at the bottom, there is the college requirement.  And then for this super-developer, they want to pay up to $29 per hour???  What a laugh!  Most of the time, it will take 3 or more people to get all these skills, and they want one to work for $29.  That’s great.  They’ll get what they’re willing to pay for:  someone who lies on his resume about all these things and can stumble his way through to something that works (for up to 3 users). 

These job postings are all over the place.  The recruiters don’t have a clue who they need to hire.  Targeted job postings impress me.  They have required skills (what the job needs on a daily basis), and that’s it.  And usually the rate of pay is only mentioned when it is low.  My advice to anyone reading is to stay away from the above job.  This reeks of poor management and an environment of frustration.  May ye be warned.