Evaluating CommunityServer RC1 – level 000

I downloaded CommunityServer RC1 today, and it looks promising.  Setup was a snap.  The installer is great.  I went through the forums, blogs, and gallery features, and it looks very good.  I love the photo gallery feature.  This is some really great UI work!  The blog part looks very similar to .Text v0.95, but the admin section has been really beefed up.  There are a lot more settings:  comment moderation, publish date, show post on main feed, etc. 

I also like it that every screen has been made a control, so even though it’s distributed with .aspx pages, I can concieve an easier integration into an existing site by putting the CS controls in already existing pages.

I predict that current .Text sites will upgrade to this and facilitate an even more productive community where each member can have a small part of it to call home for not only the online journal(blog) but also a photo album.

Great work, Telligent!