Use .Net 2.0 code NOW – level 300

This topic isn’t for the newbie .Net-er.  We’ve all dabbled with ASP.NET 2.0 master pages, themes, and other goodies.  I’ve created a suite of master pages controls that started with Paul Wilson’s controls but was enhanced with ideas from the implementation of the 2.0 version, and now the controls suite (besides designer support) functions just about the same way.  The master page is settable from the config file as well as in code, and it supports an unlimited nesting of masters (user controls – after all the new MasterPage class just inherits from UserControl).  You can download it here.

Reading Scott Mitchell’s blog post about ASP.NET 2.0 prompted me to blog this.  I use Lutz’s Reflector to peek into  the 2.0 assemblies and get code ideas.  The best thing is that I can make sure my implementations are similar to the 2.0 implementations so that upgrading will be a breeze.  If you haven’t used Reflector to peek into assemblies and view code, I would encourage you to do so. 

Haven’t you had a discussion about the performance of two methods in the .Net framework?  Someone contends that calling one method is faster than calling two other methods in succession.  You can’t convince them otherwise. . . . until you peek at the assembly and show them that their “fast” method merely wraps the other two.  đŸ™‚