Changes from ASP.NET 2.0 Beta 1 to Beta 2 – level 100

Check out the ASP.NET Developer center for some changes from ASP.NET Beta 1 to Beta 2.  I welcome some of these changes because I was in the croud that logged bugs against Beta 1, and these actions resolve the bugs.  The special directory names are changing.   Here are the changes:

(formerly Application_Assemblies)

stays the same


(formerly Application_Code)



(formerly Application_GlobalResources)



(formerly Application_LocalResources)



(formerly Application_WebReferences)



(formerly Application_Data)



(formerly Application_Browsers)



(formerly Application_Themes)



Generated event handlers will be marked as protected instead of private going forward.

The .aspx will no longer be a partial class with the code file and a system file.  Instead, the .aspx will inherit from the code file, which will be a partial class with a system file.  This solves the problem of not being able to reference UserControl types at design time. 

Another great thing, though, is that VWD2005 supports intellisense in the .aspx, so for whipping up code samples for newsgroups or my blog, I can just use a single file.  Yeah, I know, I’ve grown lazy and depend on intellisense, but when is the last time you actually got up to change the channel on your TV???  Addicted to the remote control???