VB6 still works! Who would have thought? – level 000

There is a current VB6 process that I was considering rewriting in .Net with C#.  I began learning the code to prepare for the rewrite, and there is a LOT of code.  I realized as I dug deeper into the code that I would be better off making the code changes necessary in VB6 instead of doing a complete rewrite.  Now, I am not a veteran Visual Basic developer, so I prefer working in .Net with C#, but the more I thought about it the more I knew that keeping this process as VB6 would be better.  This code was several years old and had stood the test of time.  My rewrite would undoubtedly introduce bugs that don’t exist now.

The point of this post is that we should not rewrite to .Net just for the sake of .Net.  We code every new process in .Net, but out legacy code still marches on.