Retain scroll position in ASP.NET without the SmartNavigation non-feature – level 200

Maintaining Scrollback Position Across Postbacks


You much check out this post from Scott.  I was just about to the verge of rolling my own scroll-retaining javascript when I read this.  The credit really goes to Steve Stchur and his article on 4Guys.


SmartNavigation only works for the most trivial website.  When you do anything custom (anything besides drag-n-drop development), smartnavigation breaks your page, and it won’t even post back.  This scroll problem is an issue for ASP.NET since the postback method is widely used. 


I have run across some older user will bad eyesight, and they are at 800×600 resolution, so they do A LOT of scrolling both vertically and horizontally.  Retaining scroll position will mean a better user experience for them.