Another Content Management System (CMS) – level 200

I’ve noticed that there more content management systems popping up, and they are all written in .Net.  There’s the hugely famous, DotNetNuke, I’ve got one (EZWeb), David Neal has one, and isn’t .Text a CMS in itself?  How long will it be before they all merge, and we have a defacto standard CMS?  One that handles everything you could want?  Right now, CMSs are geared toward a particular nitch.  DNN is geared toward a multi-user portal.  Mine is geared toward managing a n-sized website with multiple users earch owning a part of the site.  DNN has modules, I have plugins.  They are both .Net user controls.  DNN is fully database-driven.  Mine has a web.config switch that can make it fully database-driven, or fully file-driven. 

It makes me wonder if ASP.NET 3.0 will have a CMS project built in that does it all “without a single line of code”. 🙂