Re: .Net Rocks is not going downhill – level 000

To comment on Eric’s post about .Net Rocks, I would have to say:  Congratulations for exercising your right to voice your opinion.  You live in America.  Isn’t it great.  It’s also great that our economy operates on capitalism.  If Carl couldn’t get any sponsors for the show, then he would probably do something different because of the cost involved.  If the sponsors of the show weren’t getting any benefit from the advertisement, they would probably stop sponsoring.  It all comes back to “voting with your feet”.  Those who don’t like the show don’t listen.  Those who do like the show do listen (and hear advertisements, buy products, etc).  I don’t comment negatively on cooking or gardening radio shows.  I simply do not listen to them.  But other people do.  Eric, I think the best way to effect change in Carl’s show (if that’s your goal) is to email him directly.

I, personally, have listened to every show, and if one particular episode didn’t peak my interest (and how can I possibly be interested in EVERY topic they discuss?), I simply don’t listen to it again.  There are other episodes, however, to which I have listened several times.  I first started listening when I was deployed to Iraq with the Army.  It made it easy to keep up with what’s going on in the .Net world.  It’s a great resource.

My .Net Rocks mug sits proudly on a shelf in my office.