I’m skeptical about Experts-Exchange – level 000

I was just combing through my referral logs, when i saw a link to my “How to track down memory leaks” post coming from Experts-Exchange.  That means that someone is paying to see a solution to a problem that just refers them to my blog.  Has anyone reading used Experts-Exchange?  For one, I find that those who claim to be an expert are often times not, but the real experts don’t claim it, they are attributed this title by their peers.  Charles Petzold (whom we can all agree is an expert on Windows programming) is an example of this.   If you listened to hime on .Net Rocks a few weeks ago, it’s obvious.

In my experience, I’ve been able to find solutions to my problems on the free Internet without having to pay an aggregation service.  I contribute to newgroups more often than I post questions, and I can only hope that my blog is helping some people.

I have big reservations about this pay service that seems to be getting bigger.  It would be harmful to the development community if more and more useful resources became pay-per-view.