Whidbey Product Feedback Center -> Let’s log some bugs, people! – level 100

I think it is terrific of Microsoft to make a tool like this available.  I’ve logged two bugs so far at the Whidbey Product Feedback Center.  There are over 1000 bugs logged.  It’s great.  The more bugs we find before RTM, the better the product will be.  And let’s face it folks, if you are using v1.1 now, you’ll be using v2.0 next year.  Unless you want to be like the people who reject upgrading to WinXP because they still favor Win95.  You can hold out for a little while, but eventually, we’ll all be using it.  Frankly, I look forward to it.  I’m using Beta 1 right now, and my team is doing a support tools project with ASP.NET 2.0 right now.  I’ll be porting my EZWeb project to v2.0, and in the process, I’m noticing some bugs.  These bugs aren’t major.  There are always work-arounds, but they are bugs nevertheless.  I praise Microsoft for soliciting this level of communication for thier upcoming product.