EZWeb v1.0 released – .Net web application framework – level 300

I have finally released version 1.0 of EZWeb, a .Net web application framework.  You can download it from http://workspaces.gotdotnet.com/ezweb.  It is an open-source project that welcomes feedback and contribution.  EZWeb has been downloaded over 180 times from GotDotNet, and the latest release is the best yet.  If you aren’t familiar with EZWeb, look at some past posts on my blog.  EZWeb is a framework that abstracts away many of the mundane things one has to do when building a web application.  Features:

  • Templating feature very similar to master pages coming in v2.0 of ASP.NET

  • Plugin extensibility architecture.

  • Wrapper of the MS Data Access Applicationi Block

  • A completely automated content control system for users being able to build secitons of the site from the UI.

It’s ready to go right from the zip file, just make it an IIS application and then give the ASPNET user full rights to the directory in which you installed it.  EZWeb manages its own code and configuration files.

I’m planning on making a 2.0 version after porting it to ASP.NET version 2.0, so watch for that.  I’ll also be incorporating many of the new v2.0 features into EZWeb.

Bottom line:  If anyone has a website that is a burden to maintain, EZWeb can take away the burden.