CodeBehind attribute in @Page of Whidbey gone – level 100

In my journey down the Whidbey trail, I’m documenting key things I am discovering that are missing from the v2.0 books and articles I have read.  A key piece of information is the the CodeBehind attribute of the @Page directive is gone.  I’ve read that the code-behind model will still be supported in Whidbey, but I’m not seeing it.  I have no problem converting to Code-beside with partial classes.  There is still code separation, and the wizard is supposed to convert code-behind to code-beside, but it’s still a little buggy.  It left all my code-behind files untouched, and they won’t compile unless they are in the Code directory.  Of course the CodeBehind attribute has no bearing at runtime since it has always just been an IDE-specific attribute for linking the code file, but in the IDE, you’ll get the red squiggly line saying that no CodeBehind attribute exists.  One thing is for sure.  None of use will be using CodeBehind in Whidbey (but code-beside using the CompileWith attribute is better in my opinion).