Attending the InfoPath/ASP.NET 2.0 MSDN event in Austin, TX – level 100

David Waddleton, and MSDN representative, is giving an MSDN event on InfoPath and ASP.NET 2.0 at the Gateway theater in Austin, TX.  InfoPath is quite interesting as an application client.  Currently my application client is a browser since I write ASP.NET apps, but if all the users have InfoPath on their computer, that can be the client.  Now, it’s a no-brainer for web apps because they can use any browser as the client, but I’m not sure that InfoPath would be viable for my use even though I work for a very large enterprise company.  I can see that a consulting company might be able to use it by building it into the minimum system requirements of their solution, but for my large company, I would have to sell the top IT big dogs on the idea of installing InfoPath on every workstation.  That’s a lot of licensing costs that are not present with web apps or even a click-once app.  Maybe in time it will look like a better option for me.

Just an overview of what I’m doing:

I have my laptop here running on battery power, and I’m connected to the Internet through a USB cable attached to my Sprint phone.  Very nice setup.  I can get on the Net anywhere I can get signal, and I really don’t go out into west Texas much.  I live out in the country, but Sprint has pretty good coverage even outside suburbs.