MVP Global Summit and my friend, Noah Coad

A week ago, I emailed Noah Coad (Texas A&M student and C# MVP), and I inquired if he was attending the MVP Conference.  He emailed me back from the Summit, and he had included notes from several other MVPs that he met at the conference.  I’m compelled to include the E-mail here:

From Noah Coad:

Hey Jeff!  As always, it’s great to hear from you!  Yes, in fact, I’m here
in the hotel up in Seattle right in the middle of the MVP Global Summit!

You’d never guess who I’m sitting here hanging out with late in the hotel
lobby…  They all wanted to say hi!  We all appreciate your dedication
there in Iraq.  Check below…   I’ll post my reply to your message below.

Hey Jeff,

Mark Dunn here.  Noah tells me you are a big fan.  Glad u enjoy the .Net
Rocks shows.  Just wanted to say hello and wish you well.  Drop me a line




You may not know Keith Nicholson, but I’m a big fan of yours.  Thanks for
serving our country.  It’s good to know you have a great friend like Noah
keeping up with you.  I hope you get a lot of time programming.  Hope to see
you at a MVP program in the future.  If you or any other developers want to
chat, feel free to contact me. 

Keith Nicholson


Hey Jeff,

You know you’re now famous with the MVP crowd. Who knew one email would
vault you into stardom! Although I’m a Canadian I want to say thanks for
what you’re doing over in Iraq. Keep safe and keep up with your development
skills… .NET Rocks!

Rob Windsor [MVP-VB]
Toronto Visual Basic User Group


Hey, Jeff –

I came downstairs to grab a glass of water, and then I got caught up in a
conversation with a few geeks when one of them spoke up and said that he
knew you.

So, I’m Rory (.NET Rocks), and just wanted to say that Carl and I have
really enjoyed your letters. It blows us away that you’re off on the other
side of the planet and listening to the show. You’re a true fan, and we
honestly appreciate it 🙂

Write to us whenever you feel like. We seriously enjoy hearing from you.

Talk to you later,

– Rory


Jon Box here. Thanks for protecting our country and keep sending those
updates to .NET Rocks.  I think you should send a picture to those guys and
start a blog.  It would get a bunch of hits.  Anyway, stay safe and hurry

Jon Box

Hello Jeff,

Hi from another MVP here at the summit in Seattle.  Stay safe.

David Totzke
Chair, Marketing and Sponsorship
International .NET Association


Wow.  I’ve heard a lot of these names from .Net Rocks and from reading blogs, so I’m eager to get back to the states and maybe meet some of you who replied at a development conference.