Best place to start an open-source .Net project?

I am a civilian again.  For the past week I’ve been outprocessing at FT. Hood.  Well, I’m still active duty until my terminal leave is up on May 17th, but I’m back at home, and I’ll be back to work on May 18th.  I’m looking forward to coding all day again.  

As described in a previous post, I’ve been working on a web application framework that I’ve dubbed EZWeb.  We’ll see how easy it is when I set up with it so that my family can create their own websites.  All they have to know is how to type and click.  The WYSIWYG FreeTextBox will save their input as HTML.

I haven’t decided on a version number yet, but it’s not up to version 1 yet. Maybe a 0.9xx.  Definitely a BETA.  I’m planning on releasing the source online, and I’m considering sourceforge and gotdotnet.  I’m curious to know whether any reader have personal experience working with a project hosted by either of these.  I’m trying to find out which would be best for hosting this ASP.NET project source. 

I’ve been thinking more about the problem that this project solves, and I’ve come up with this:  In any web application, a common look and feel has to be established, and every page shares this common look.  EZWeb helps abstract away the look and feel as well as navigation.  The look and feel can be declaratively and programmatically controled in EZWeb, and existing pages need only make a few small changes to take full advantage of EZWeb’s features.  When I decide on a project-hosting site, I’ll start the workspace with full source and some documentation on how to install EZWeb. 

I already have two application in which I intend to use EZWeb for the look and navigation, so I’ll be able to test it even more.

Maybe I went overboard, but while working on this, I actually made it into an application that can stand by itself.  An application framework that is a full application also.  It’s an application that allows users to edit and add to their own web pages.  It has granular permissions for users with editing rights, and there is also a built-in plugins feature for reusable functionality.  The Content Editor is the default plugin, and this provides HTML editing functionality.  I plan on creating more in the future.

So, back to the point:  I’m trying to decide where to host this project.