Addicted to blogs?

I have a routine:  I try to wake up in the mornings as early as possible.  I walk 1/2 mile to the Internet Cafe through the Kuwait sand.  I synchronize my Outlook Express and SharpReader with my blog feeds.  I then use Net2Phone to call my wife over the ‘net for $.02 a minute.  Later in the day during my spare time, I read the previous days blog posts.  I suppose that I’m average among blog-readers in the number of feeds to which I subscribe.  I only read technical content, so I have whittled down some feeds that don’t provide that.  I just finished reading yesterday’s posts (about 160 posts).  I hit the arrow keey to move on to the next one, and, to my disappointment, I had finished them all.  I thought to myself, “That’s it?  But I want more!”  Does that mean I’m addicted to reading blogs?  It took me 1.5 hours to go through 160 posts, and I know I could subscribe to more feeds, but I need to maintain balance.  When I get back to work in the states, I know I won’t have as much reading time available, so I need to discipline myself.  Is there a Blogs Anonymous anywhere around north Austin?